Evolove EP

Evolove is an amalgamation of the words 'evolve' and 'love.' The evolving musical structures in house, afrobeat, and jazz inspired Rotterdam talent Beau Zwart in the process of sculpting this EP. The idea of combining these different genres started out after a night of dancing on the couch with his girlfriend. After hours of dancing and flipping through different moods and genres, the concept of this EP was born. Born out of love (for dancing).

“When we asked Beau we wanted to work on a new EP with him for our label, this guy send us 100 tracks. Not kidding. 100. Beau is not only one of the nicest and most talented guys out there, but also one of the most productive. The result is an amazing EP called Evolove”

Sounds like floating points meets bicep, with a soulful touch. Distributed and released by dutch imprint INI Movement