The concept of the challenge started with a brainstorm in the summer of 2019 with a friend, and fellow artist, Naomi Heji. We both wanted to use our social media to use it for a free creative space. We challenged each other to post a piece of art everyday for 21 days. There were no restrictions, but the importance was to share things with our artistic identity.

I produced a song every day and made footage that fit the music and my surroundings. The freedom of making what you want was really inspiring. 


A track reflecting on the future and the past. Lyrics written by Elijah Waters. We made this in a small bedroom studio.


No mirror is about letting expressing yourself intuitively without concessions. Used a combination of organic and electronic instruments in this one. The footage is edited and shot by Vincent Boy Kars. He shot the footage during a trip in Nigeria.



Once upon a time I had a idea for a trap alter ego: WONDERBAE? This is the first outcome.


I made this track with sounds of the Linn Drum. One of my favourite drumcomputers. The way Prince used this instrument is really inspirational. The synth sounds are from my new prophet 8rev2.

DAY5: Broken Car Exchange
House jam inspired on malfunctioning cars during travel. All sounds created with analog synths.

Dub steppy lo fi hiphop gestures. Movie made on the road to italia.

DAY7: Bambino Breaks
Made a song with a lot of musical switches. The bassline is inspired on Thundercat and the synth rhythms on Joe Armon Jonesand Harvey Sutherland. Poolside music

DAY8: Mallorca
Broken beat vibes with epiano and deep synths.

DAY9: Tekcor
Rapid old scool breaks combined sith warm rhodes sounds and a lot of small synth fx

DAY10: Personality
I’m performing and producing with mike aka sykes for two years now. Mike has a really deep soulful voice and likes jazz and broken beat vibes. This genres combined with experiments we put in our collaborations. This one is a more a synth heavy neo soul track.

Old scool rave rhytms with detailed percussion and chords from the prophet.

Buchla Bass with vox organs viewed on a dutch lake.

DAY13: frkshw
Sampled strummed guitars with reese basses and organic percussion inspired on ironic scary paintings i found in my vacation home.

DAY14: Blueblue
Lazy days after a long car trip from italy. I chilled at a house of a friend and used some jazz progressions and started filming random objects in the room

DAY15: vidiitili
Photo I shot in the mountains of Toscane. The piano chords and melodies are inspired on the view.

DAY16: tomosmotor
Photo that was shot in front of a big hidden villa in Rotterdam. The song is created on the rhythm and cycles of a engine of my new ride: The Tomos BZ disco edition.

DAY17: swissi
Photo made while riding in the mountains of Swiss. The synth developments gesture the movements of the car while riding.

DAY18: Closed Mind/Eyes Open
This one is all what i like and try to achieve in electronic music. A lot of musical switches and off beat rhythms combined with an arsenal of synths. Let me know what you think. The footage is shot at weeld in front of a light installation.

2 tomos
2 musicians
1 gucci planga

DAY20: Livejam
Used instruments:
Prophet rev2
Behringer ms-101
Muteable Instruments Shruthi
Korg Minilogue
Roland Tr8s

DAY21: Lon3
Lil taped out piano jam