Beau Zwart (24) had an early introduction to music, learning classical piano throughout his childhood. Amazed by the possibilities of the works of classical composers from older generations he started to write his own compositions. In his teenage years he discovered jazz and electronic music and implemented these worlds in his compositions, but also in performances and DJ-sets.

Today, Beau is a producer, performer, DJ and film composer. He graduated the bachelor in music and technology at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht in 2019. During his time at the academy he released his first solo EP with a corresponding live performance. He performed at festivals like Noorderslag, Grasnapolsky and North Sea Roundtown.

He composed the music for “Independent Boy” (IDFA, 2017), “Vieze Film” (VPRO, 2017), “Alone Together” (IDFA, 2018), FENIKS (NFF, 2019) and his latest feature length score for “Drama Girl” (Tiger Competition, IFFR, 2020). The music for “Drama Girl” has nods to traditional film music, like the work of Bernard Herrman. However, the usage of modern composition techniques and analog synthesizers produces an emotional, organic and truly special soundspace.

Both in his own work and scores, Beau makes complex music accessible and crosses borders between genres.